Soga Shohaku (1730-1781) was a painter from the middle of the Edo period, and was born in the Tanbaya or Tangoya merchant houses in Kyoto. His last name is Mr. Miura and his name is Hikio. In addition to Xiaoshiro, I was given the titles such as Jakushoken, Torodo, Onijinsai, etc. It is said that he studied under Keisuke Takada, who follows the flow of Kyano. Having traveled through the Ise region, many works still exist in Ise.
Xiao Bai self-proclaimed the descendant of the Soga school, and drew a lot of traditional subjects such as Chinese deceased figures. The work of Xiao Bai, which sublimely learned and boldly studied Keisuke’s quirky style, is characterized by eccentric expressions that push subjectivity and individuality to the forefront.