Appraisal※under seal of secrecy

We have been doing appraisal for over 30 years at Kyoto Hotel Okura.
We can give you an expert opinion on your needs.
-Who is this painting by?
-How much is the value?
-Want to sell artworks.

Event Information for Appraisal


Contact Information

You can reach us by phone, E-mail, LINE, and Skype.

Phone Number

Please feel free to call us.

Please send an e-mail to, or click here.

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live:g.so_6Please send a message to “Live:g.so_6” on Skype.

【2】We can visit you, or we also can use photos for appraisal.

【3】Appraisal result


We can pay with cash on the spot.

In case you do not want to sell the artworks, we can give you just information sheets of them, if you need.